Composite water jackets


Wichita Clutch has developed new corrosion resistant, lightweight composite water jackets designed as drop-in replacements for cast iron jackets in brakes.

The new water jacket composite material was originally developed by Wichita engineers for use in their water-cooled clutch/brakes.

Used in the field for over three years, the engineered polymer blend has proven to be as strong as iron jackets while meeting or exceeding typical design stresses.

The composite material provides superior external corrosion resistance in any corrosive water environment including off-shore applications.

The composite material also allows for worry-free use of corrosive water for internal jacket cooling (requires proper filtration).

For added corrosion protection, all hardware used on the composite water jacket assemblies is marine-coated.

Wichita composite water jackets offer the additional benefit of weight reduction, with some jackets weighing at least 60 per cent less than iron jackets.

For example, a 91.44 centimetre cast iron water jacket assembly weighs approximately 340 kilograms, while a composite water jacket assembly weighs only 84 kilograms. The reduced weight is a significant maintenance advantage, as well as when equipment is installed in weight-restricted applications.


Wichita Clutch

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