Cat launches new hoist brake for rope shovels

Caterpillar has released a new dynamic hoist brake with smart controller for its 7495 and 7495H electric rope shovels.

The hoist brake is designed to stop the dipper from dropping during uncontrolled events such as power drops or in the case of emergency stops.

Cat says "the new brake is designed to perform and survive a full speed dynamic brake event with a fully loaded dipper" and in turn minimise the risk of any uncontrolled dipper drops.

It is a drop-in replacement for the standard hoist brake, which was originally designed to be applied when the hoist motor wasn't rotating.

The new brake provides a number of advantages such as friction material that eliminates burnishing requirements and reduces variations in brake torque, increased thermal capacity, increased operational life, mechanical wear indication, and a simplified on-machine rebuild procedure.

"The heavy-duty dynamic brake has undergone a rigorous design, development and validation process,” Jim Ryan, Cat's new product introduction program lead, Electric Rope Shovels said.

"We started with full bench testing to simulate the application, and we’ve proven its performance on our 7495 working at the Arizona Proving Grounds."

Cat has also developed the Smart Controller in conjunction with the brake as an optional addition.

It works to continuously monitor the applied torque, energy input, and machinery wear.

The controller also includes hardware that will apply additional brake torque if necessary via a secondary pneumatic piston.

This helps ensure brake torque levels don't dip below specifications, while at the same time monitoring brake energy levels to anticipate thermal overload.


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