Cable certifiers


Power Parameters have unveiled the newest LanTEK II series cable certifiers.

They are designed for comprehensive testing and certification of basic link, channel link, and permanent link testing.

The LanTEK II series is available in three models with frequency sweep ranges of 350, 500 and 1000 MHz thus permitting testing of cat 5, 6 and 7(C1) cables and networks.

The testers are available with fibre optic link testing for multi-mode (850/1300 nm utilizing LED[C2] source) and single mode (1310/1550 nm with laser source) in full duplex testing configuration.

According to the company it is fast in conducting tests, completing Cat 5e testing within nine seconds and Cat 6 in thirteen seconds, and is on average a third faster than many other certifiers.

The testers provide on-board memory for test results, and in the case of Cat 6, 1700 test results complete with graphical information can be stored.

A lithium-ion battery provides energy for up to 19 hours with display on maximum brightness, and a testing period of every two and half minutes (Cat 6), and the instrument’s dual charge capacity permits charging to take place while testing. If the battery is faulty it can operate off external power.

It can be certified for TERA, GG45 and EC7 category as well as M12 industrial Ethernet.


Power Parameters

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