Bucyrus releases filtration systems for underground vehicles

Bucyrus has released wet bath and dry exhaust diesel particulate solutions for its underground vehicles.
Vehicles such as longwall miners produce a high level of diesel particulate matter and can pose a significant health risk underground.
To overcome this Bucyrus has released a wet and dry package that lower exhaust emissions.
The system cleans and cools exhaust gas before it mixes with mine ventilation air.
Catalytic converters are used to regenerate the exhaust gas and reduce emissions.
After going through the converter on the dry system, the exhaust then passes through a water bath which reduces gas temperature and removes particulates from the exhaust.
In both systems, the exhaust gas passes through particulate filters and flame trap after the heat exchanger and water bath.
After this it is mixed with the discharge air from the cooling system before entering in the mine atmosphere.
A flame trap is fitted on the out-by side of the particulate filter to prevent possible flame path to mine air on the dry system.
The entire exhaust system is monitored by the Bucyrus Diesel Control System (DCS), which is an electric shutdown system that prevents the machine from being operated in unsafe conditions such as low water levels, high exhaust system temperatures or back pressure.

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