BLASTMAP helps launch precise blasts

BME has designed BLASTMAP to help operators design blast timing to be jointly used with BME’s digital initiation system, AXXIS.

This powerful blast design software tool allows design of the blasts from hole layouts to charge quantities, deck charging and blast timing, to name a few. 

Some of BLASTMAP’s capabilities include importing survey data of the block geometry, holes and surface; virtually creating a blast and pattern with hole diameters; and calculating costs and quantities based on actual drilling information.

BLASTMAP can also produce a 360-degree view of a blast in 3D, enter charge and timing designs based on actual hole positions, as well as analyse blast timing using timing simulation options. 

BLASTMAP will optimise the use of AXXIS electronic delay detonators as it’s capable of importing and exporting AXXIS electronic detonator IDs and design timing. 

BLASTMAP also integrates seamlessly with BME’s drill and blast data capturing system called XPLOLOG to export the blast design to XPLOLOG where the actual values are entered and compared with the design values.


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