Aussie Pump releases dewatering pumps

Australian Pump Industries have released Tsurumi Pump’s heavy duty submersible dewatering pumps
The dewatering pumps  offers a flow of up to 2300 litres per minute, and heads as high as 50 metres.

The range of pumps come with bores from 50mm through to 150mm and are available in 3 phase, 2 pole configuration and standard iron body construction.

The pumps feature a mechanical seal that allows water pressures of up to 142 psi, allowing its use in deep well applications.

The mechanical seal also features a unique ‘oil lifter’ developed to enhance sealing performance.

The Oil Lifter enhances the operation of the double faced mechanical seal.

The design lets the lifter oil the top seal faces, even if the lubricant level drops.

It features a high capacity semi open style impeller to enable a combination of flow and pressure, even in the toughest conditions.

The impeller is made from high chrome cast iron for wear resistance, and the suction cover is made from ductile cast iron. 

The shaft seal is a double design, silicon carbide, whilst the pump shaft is 420 grade stainless steel.

The pump’s design enables the liquid to pass through the pumps casing, providing cooling to the motor, and extending motor life. 

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