Portable air conditioning

KENNARDS Hire has expanded its range of portable air conditioners with 10 kW and 20 kW models.

The units can be installed for industrial, commercial, and entertainment applications.

The 10 kW units provide 10.1 kW of air conditioning at 180 L per day with de-humidification from a 240 V power supply.

The unit can be positioned internally or externally, and ducted through diffuser grills with up to 20 m of duct.

The 20 kW unit provides 20 kW air conditioning or heating capacity, and 690 L of de-humidification over 24 hours.

The company also has 4.9 kW units, which run off 240 V.

Misting pedestal fans are also available to produce a fine, cool mist to reduce temperatures.

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