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Port of Newcastle delivers sustainability

coal uncertainty

The Port of Newcastle has achieved its highest coveted global real estate sustainability benchmark (GRESB) score to date.

Through this milestone, the major seaport has maintained its five-star GRESB rating for a third consecutive year.

“For the world’s largest coal port to go from a GRESB score of 40 in our first assessment in 2019 to 96 in 2023 is a remarkable achievement and our continuous improvement shows that we have truly embedded ESG (environment, social and governance) as a core principle across our business and our culture,” Port of Newcastle chief executive officer Craig Carmody said.

“We have been actively working to diversify our port and to support a more sustainable future. Our clean energy precinct will position us as a leading production, storage and export hub for future sustainable, clean energy products and technologies including hydrogen and green ammonia.”

GRESB is an independent organisation that provides authenticated ESG performance data for its organisation so it can be compared to its peers.

This allows for investors and managers to improve their business intelligence, industry engagement and decision-making around ESG.

Following the continuation of its ESG strategy, the Port of Newcastle has enabled its Clean Energy Precinct project, which aims to support a new and scalable economy, while positioning the Hunter region in New South Wales as a global and diversified energy gateway that can bring economic growth, job opportunities and new career pathways.

“Our sustainability initiatives and the GRESB assessment process act as a gap analysis for the Port, enabling us to identify opportunities where we can strengthen our environmental, social, governance targets and actions, and better support its ongoing implementation across the organisation,” Port of Newcastle chief financial officer and ESG strategy lead Nick Livesey said.

“This is a wonderful achievement and recognition of the dedication, collaboration and commitment of the many teams across the port who have been working to make ESG a core part of our business and our culture in recent years.”

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