Poor ministerial response to residents concerned about drilling in SE South Australia

Residents of the South-East region of South Australia were snubbed by the state’s minister for mineral resources and energy Tom Koutsantonis, when they attempted to submit their petition against exploration on sustainable farmland.

Members from the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance and the Round Table for Unconventional Gas Projects in SA notified the minister’s office of their intention to hand-deliver their letters of concern and petition signed by more than 780 residents of the South-East.

However their arrival at the State Administration Centre was received coldly by members of security.

Group member Anne Daw said they had intended to deliver the documents to a member of the minister’s staff while Koutsantonis was in parliament, and a junior member of staff came down to meet them.

“He said he was just a clerk but he'd go to get someone more senior…no-one came down,” she said.

“We showed his department wouldn't even make the effort to come down and engage with us.”

The group were forced to leave their letters and petition with memebrs of security.

Daw expressed her concern that the geology of the Limestone Coast makes it prone to subsidence, sinkholes and seawater intrusion.

South Australia will see rallies and marches to express such concerns at Parliament House in Adelaide on August 2 at 10am.

Image: Naracoorte Herald

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