Plow system sets record

A FULLY automated plow system supplied by Bucyrus DBT and commissioned at Jinhuagong Mine in China in 2005 is setting production records.

With an uptime of over 95%, the plow system — a Bucyrus DBT Gleithobel GH 42 with 1600 kW (2,160 hp) of cutting power and equipped with the PF 4/1132 plow line pan — achieved the best shift output of 3,760 tonnes in July 2007.

The best daily output reached 5,700 tonnes.

These are both new records. In July, the plow team safely mined 100,031 tonnes of raw coal, a new record for the plow working team at this mine. This achievement is outstanding given that the longwall is mining hard coal.

The seam is 200 m long and varies in thickness from 1.35 m to 1.5 m.

In addition to the Gleithhobel plow, the longwall system comprises DBT PM 4 shield control system and plow control technology for complete automation, requiring no operators at the face.

The plow is driven by two 400 kW motors via a 38mm plow chain.

The conveying system, speed of plow, depth of cut and shield support controls are tailored to Jinhuagong Mine conditions to maximize performance and safety.

Established in 1956, Jinhuagong Coal Mine is located 12 km west of Datong in the north of China. It had an annual output of 4.25 million tonnes in 2005 and is a key coal mine of Datong Coal Mine Group. The mine produces high-quality steam coal.

Guido Schawohl

Bycyrus International, Inc.

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