Pike River hearings to soon end

The Pike River Royal Commission will finally come to an end this week after more than a year of investigation.

It comes as fellow New Zealand coal miner Solid Energy announced it will buy the embattled mine.

Today is the beginning of the final phase of the inquiries into the coal mine disaster, according to 3 News.

Tony Kokshoorn, mayor of the Greymouth, said there is a sense of relief at the ending of these hearings, the New Zealand Herald reported.

"There’s a relief down here it’s been going for a long time. November 2010 is a long time ago now but it’s still on the minds of everybody and we all want to know what happened," Kokshoorn said.

Over the coming days a number of representatives will take the stage to discuss their findings, with the inquiry expected to come to an end by around 1pm Wednesday, local time.

This morning, Police representative Simon Moore explained that by international standards emergency services’ response to the incident was successful in that no deaths followed the initial explosion, adding that it was one of the most complex situations he had ever faced and that it was a disaster of ‘massive proportions".

The commission will report its findings to the Governor General by 28 September.

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