Partial discharge testing made easy with the Fluke ii910

Partial discharge (PD) can be dangerous and expensive if not located and detected early on.

Void and surface tracking are the types of PD which have the highest propensity to cause damage to equipment or create an arc flash.

Similarly, to how acoustic imaging is used to detect compressed air and gas leaks through sound, acoustic imaging can also be used to detect partial discharge.

PD emits sound in the ultrasonic frequency range. With a high-sensitivity acoustic imaging camera, with the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager, you can detect and precisely locate PD.

The ii910 overlays a map of the sound on top of a visible image which makes locating the source simple.

Where to find partial discharge

In general, PD occurs where there is high voltage present and defects of various types cause an area of electrically stressed insulation eventually breaks down.

Void discharge is the result of breakdown across a void in the insulation whereas surface tracking results from contaminated insulation and occurs on the outside of insulation.

These can occur in high voltage equipment such as transmission or distribution systems or in high voltage electrical machines such as generators or motors.

Because PD damages equipment over time, it is often difficult to determine how severe the damage is.

Regular inspection using a Fluke ii910 precision acoustic imager makes the process of initial detection and monitoring fast and easy.

Simply scan across the equipment looking for potential issues. It can be helpful to focus on connection points of the system since those are the most common places for PD to occur.

It isn’t necessary to have any experience with acoustic imaging or partial discharge detection when using the Fluke ii910.

No additional tools or equipment are needed to operate the Fluke ii910. Gone are the days of wearing headphones and listening for very faint sounds or squinting at a small screen to locate issues.

Everything you need to locate issues from a distance is contained within the Fluke ii910, with no cords or other accessories hanging down and getting tangled. Simply pick it up, turn it on and start locating hidden issues.

Safety you expect with the rugged product you trust

Safety is key when working on high voltage equipment and at Fluke safety is paramount. Due to the combination of specific microphone positions and a sophisticated algorithm the Fluke ii910 precision acoustic imager can detect PD and corona discharge from up to 120 meters away.

This means that you can remain even further away than the required safety distance while still being effective and efficient at locating problem areas.

In addition, Fluke’s acoustic imaging technology can pick up reflections of sounds, so a direct line of sight is not required to locate a problem. Now you can locate PD without ever opening a cabinet.

Partial discharge reporting

Once all the images and video are transferred to your personal computer, the Fluke ii910 precision acoustic Imager online report generator allows you to create comprehensive reports in minutes.

These can be shared with managers or other maintenance technicians responsible for addressing the issues identified.

Additionally, these reports can be referenced after the fixes have been made to verify their viability.

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