OZ Minerals in world-first battery-electric haulage trial

OZ Minerals, Janus Electric and Qube have partnered on an ambitious world’s first trial to use battery-electric trucks for heavy haulage across the long distances and harsh terrains of Australia.

The Vision Electric future will apply the shared resources of the three companies to tackle the challenge of emissions footprint reduction in the heavy transport and resources industries.

The self-funded trial will take place in South Australia at Port Augusta, approximately 300 kilometres from Adelaide, and is at an early stage to be phased over 12 months, beginning in the latter part of 2022.

OZ Minerals chief executive officer and managing director Andrew Cole said Vision Electric is an example of how the company is working with proponents from within and outside the mining industry to find better ways of doing things.

“OZ Minerals has aspirations to emit zero Scope 1 emissions and strive to systematically reduce Scope 2 and 3 emissions across our value chain; to work closely with our stakeholders to create mutual value by building each other’s capability and capacity, and to deliver the activities along our value chain to enable our local stakeholder aspirations for generations to come,” he said.

“This battery-electric trial is one of the ways we are progressing towards these aspirations and part of how we are bringing our Decarbonisation Roadmap to life.”

A battery recharging and replacement station for the trial will be set up in Port Augusta, with construction of the station estimated to start in May 2022 and be completed by early August 2022.

Once ready, the station will be used as a battery changeover pit stop for the battery-electric truck.

It is expected that the battery changeover can be completed in the same time it takes for traditional refuelling.

Janus Electric general manager Lex Forsyth said the company was looking forward to putting its revolutionary heavy vehicle exchangeable batteries through their paces.

“The Janus Electric vision is to use our breakthrough battery technology to create a 100 per cent carbon zero solution for electrifying Australia’s road transport fleet,” he said.

“Part of our mission is to work with companies that take a similar approach to innovation and renewable energy and our partnership with Qube and OZ Minerals to deliver Vision Electric signals our joint commitment to invest time and capital into delivering a carbon-neutral transport network.

“Vision Electric will see the world’s largest electric truck put through its paces over a 12-month trial under some of the harshest conditions in the world.”

Qube director bulk Todd Emmert said Qube is constantly evolving and building a strategy that ensures a resilient and robust approach to sustainability is key for Qube’s long-term success.

“The vision is to elevate current technology to meet the demand of a dynamic remote export supply chain and advance our respective pathway to decarbonisation,” he said.

“Vision Electric is an exciting element to the next chapter of our pathway with OZ Minerals.”

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