Overburden dumping complaints in the Hunter Valley

The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure has issued a warning to a Hunter Valley mine after complaints of unrestricted dumping.

According to the Department, it received a complaint alleging that a mine was working on their highest overburden dump at night, contrary to the mine’s development consent which stated that “at night trucks will be restricted to operate below the maximum elevation of the overburden emplacement area”.

Following investigations, it was established that dumping had been carried out on the highest overburden dump the previous night.

The Singleton office of the Department issued a formal warning and will monitor the issue, as well as conduct random surveillance on the site.

It is the tenth formal warning issued by the Department this year.

The Department has also held meetings with drill and blast staff from a number of Hunter Valley mines, and attended information sessions with explosive manufacturers.

This is part of the Department’s plan to aid in minimising blast fume events and to develop broader policies regarding mine blast fumes.

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