Our people are our greatest assets

MINPROVISE attributes ongoing sustainable growth to the team they surround themselves with.

Over the last financial year, mining contractors and total solutions provider, MINPROVISE, has seen rapid and sustainable growth, with new workshops opening in the Pilbara, Western Australia and Welshpool, Perth over the past three months.

With this increase in market share and ongoing business development comes the exponential growth of the team’s workforce,  which MINPROVISE believes is at the very core of the organisation’s successes.

It is no secret that the specialist products and services group believe in the importance of internal culture – with many of their new recruits and employees coming directly from internal references within the well-established workforce.

MINPROVISE general manager Tony Sutton, believes an internal work culture of trust and honesty is a big reason why many recruits are referred by existing employees:

“People aren’t going to refer if they don’t believe the person they’re referring is going to be up for the role and fit into the culture,” Sutton said.

“By the same token, they’re not going to refer [MINPROVISE] to their mates to work in a company if it doesn’t have a good culture. It’s a two-way street”

It’s this gift of reciprocity which MINPROVISE attribute their ongoing achievements to, with management believing in the importance of work-life balance to create a driven and wholesome work culture in which team members are pushed to thrive.

Adding to this, the Australian company works by the mantra “our people are our greatest assets” by continually investing in the upskilling and growth of its employees.

An example of this is its apprenticeship program, which often see’s new apprentices offered employment opportunities post-qualification, with ongoing training and mentorship to reach higher roles within the company.

“MINPROVISE has a great environment to work in with plenty of opportunities and support,” third year apprentice boiler maker Jarrod Evans explains.

“They’re great people to work with. If you’re ever stuck, there’s always someone to help you out.”

The company is so invested in its employees that it often finds there is a blurring between work and team members personal achievements, with many employees celebrating life milestones with the organisation.

In December, the company was excited to share a milestone with team member Darko Prlenda as he made the gruelling trek to the base of Mt. Everest.

2020 is shaping up to be a prosperous year for MINPROVISE and with its team focus and internal culture as a driving force, the specialist provider believes it will continue to grow from strength to strength.

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