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Optimised materials handling measurement

The LaseTVM systems are for high-precision volumetric bulk material measurement for road or mining trucks.

The LaseTVM product family consists of the LaseTVM-S (static) and LaseTVM-M (motion).

The LaseTVM-S is placed above the centre of the truck bed and uses a 3D laser scanner to measure material in the truck bed while it’s at a standstill. The LaseTVM-M can measure as the truck drives through the sensor without stopping, and the measurement is made in transit using two 2D laser scanners.

One 2D laser scanner measures the position of the measured object (truck with loading area) the second 2D laser scanner generates a lateral profile to the direction of travel.

From this, a 3D profile of the loading area is generated by combining both sensor data and the volume is then calculated.


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