Queensland is leading the way for big growth

The oil and gas industry is seeing a significant level of growth across the state of Queensland. With industry growth comes the need for growth in infrastructure. For this reason, businesses such as Fleetcrew will continue to support both organisations and communities in the region at a highly personalised level and to ensure peace of mind for customers.

To put ‘big’ into perspective, the oil and gas sector has just awarded more than 2700 square kilometres of exploration acreage to four companies and opened new rounds of bids for a further 3700 square kilometres.

This brings the grand total of land released to the sector in the last five years to more than 39,000 square kilometres. That’s a land area bigger than Switzerland.

You may have also seen headlines from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that Queensland exports had broken all records in the last twelve months. It is worth noting that is largely coal — 43 per cent in fact.

And, with growth in industry comes the need for infrastructure. The Queensland budget forecasts 13,500 jobs that would be created by the $14.5 billion being invested in the Queensland regional roads program.

With all of that growth, for all of those people, across all of that land… Fleetcrew has opened a new office.

The company’s established Dysart office currently supports many key contractors within the region by providing reliable, quality vehicles that meet the most stringent requirements for each site. However, to extend its level of service and support in the region Fleetcrew is pleased to announce the opening of its Mackay office.

Fleetcrew’s team of experienced professionals will continue delivering customised solutions to both organisations and communities in the region at a highly personalised level. It is confident its specialised service offering will support the substantial regional growth across Central Queensland, not just for the oil and gas sector but for 4WD enthusiasts alike.

Speak to Fleetcrew’s Mine Spec 4WD specialist team about your project needs on 1300 551 400.

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