Lock the Gate slams cop cars using Santos logo

Anti-CSG campaigners are fuming that police cars in Queensland are featuring the logo of gas company Santos.

The logo features on the cars as part of an outback road safety campaign aimed at tourists travelling on remote roads.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said Santos was just one sponsor of the campaign, and had contributed $40,000 to the program, ABC reported.

"There's two vehicles and what they do, they're all emblazoned with the safety messages that are central to this whole project and to carry the sponsor's name," he said.

Stewart said other companies’ logos featured on police vehicles include the Brisbane Airport Corporation and RACQ.

"This is something we've been doing forever."

But Lock the Gate Alliance said displaying the Santos logo on a police cars was a conflict of interest.

"Advertising a company like Santos, which is a big coal seam gas company in Queensland, on the side of vehicles of the police whose job it is to enforce the law – including I might add against protestors who don't like coal seam gas – is a really bad idea," spokesman Drew Hutton said.

Hutton claims the sponsorship deal could compromise fairness in dealing with issues surrounding CSG.

Stewart said he understands the public’s concern but said the sponsorship deal wouldn’t stop police from doing their jobs fairly.

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