​Honeywell launches new oil and gas productivity software

Honeywell has used its Asia Pacific Honeywell Users Group to launch its new Digital Suites for Oil and Gas.

The set of six software and services allows oil and gas companies “to turn data into digital intelligence that helps operators make critical decisions faster by capturing, managing, and analysing the right production information at the right time,” Honeywell said.

Speaking at the launch of the product today, Honeywell’s marketing advanced solutions Dan O’Brien explained that the suite is split into six different streams, which can be used individually, and consist of Operational Data; Production Surveillance; Process Safety; Equipment Effectiveness; Production Excellence; and Operational Performance.

Honeywell Process Solutions vice president Ali Raza stated: ”Upstream oil and gas producers tell us they have access to more real time data than ever, but access to that data lone is not enough to improve performance – they also need digital intelligence to make sense of all the data being collected.”

“By using these new tools operators can get better productivity, higher uptime, and more efficient remote operations, and they can produce a return on investment in as little as six months.”

According to O’Brien the software has already shown documented production increase, after implementation, of between three to five per cent.

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