NT records highest minerals sales

The Northern Territory has recorded minerals sales worth $3.63 billion during 2016-17, the highest ever minerals sales for the territory.

According to the NT Mining Production summary, metallic minerals including manganese, gold dore, and bauxite reached $3.3 billion; non-metallic minerals such as garnet sands, limestone and quicklime were valued at $53.6 million; and energy minerals, including uranium oxide, was valued at $262 million.

The value of manganese produced increased 79 per cent from the previous year to $1.48 billion and zinc-lead concentrate rose 19 per cent to $650 million.

NT minister for primary industry and resources, Ken Vowles, said a successful resources sector was important for creating employment and new business opportunities.

“A strong minerals sector equates to more jobs,” he said. “So it is encouraging to see a 19 per cent increase in mining production sales on the last financial year.”

The resources sector accounts for around 4800 jobs in the NT.

Vowles added that the government is providing potential investors geoscientific data and information, and simplifying and streamlining application processes to strengthen the territory’s resources sector.

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