NSW uranium mining ban to stay, O’Farrell says

The NSW Government is no longer considering a repeal on the uranium mining ban.
Earlier in the week it emerged that Federal resources minister Martin Ferguson had called on the NSW Government to reconsider existing bans on uranium as it limited “knowledge of potential deposits”.

It was reported that NSW minister for resources and energy Chris Hartcher met with Australian Uranium Association (AUA) chief Michael Angwin in June, to discuss the ban.

Following this, Angwin then wrote to Hartcher, asking him “to make any necessary change to permit uranium exploration and mining to take place in NSW”.

However, responding to a question by opposition leader John Robertson on whether the government is considering a repeal on the ban, O’Farrell tersely stated “No”, the SMH reports.

Uranium exploration has been banned in NSW under the Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities Act.

Western Australia recently overturned its ban on mining and exploration in the state.

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