Northern Territory guides mineral exploration

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Mineral explorers in the Northern Territory can now access a new guide designed to make exploration simpler and more attractive to investors.

The Guide for Mineral Exploration assists with the process of applying for an exploration licence and with operational requirements after a licence has been granted.

It will be a useful tool to assist new explorers and will help all parties understand their rights, obligations and mutual responsibility in complying with legislative requirements in the NT.

The guide is designed to complement the Code of Conduct for mineral explorers in the Northern Territory and together, provides a sound basis for explorers to undertake their activities, whilst having regard for landowner’s rights.

Minister for Mining and Industry Nicole Manison said a strong exploration sector is critical to growing the economy, creating local jobs and ensuring the future of the NT resources sector.

“We want to support this sector in every way we can, and this new guide is designed to provide explorers with a straightforward overview of the Territory’s legislative requirements and other key matters that need to be considered,” she said.

“During 2021, 444 new applications for mineral exploration licences were received. This was the most applications received in any year since 2009. And this is a 255 per cent increase from the previous year.

“The Territory Labor Government has been investing strongly in attracting and supporting mineral exploration through a range of geoscience and grants programs under our multi-million dollar Resourcing the Territory initiative.”

The Mineral Titles Act 2010 (NT), Mineral Titles Regulations 2011 and Mining Management Act 2001 (NT) provide the legislative basis for the industry to carry out appropriate mineral resource exploration and exploitation.

To obtain a valid grant of an exploration licence, each application must also be processed in accordance with these legislative requirements, as well as the relevant requirements of the Native Title Act 1993 or the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act 1976.

“AMEC welcomes the guide as a useful broad introduction to the many touchpoints a new entrant to the Northern Territory must consider,” Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) chief executive officer Warren Pearce said.

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