Northern Star continues reaping drill and blast tech benefits

Northern Star Resources (NSR) has seen average drilled metres across its Kalgoorlie operations in Western Australia increase significantly since implementing Minnovare’s Production Optimiser technology in 2018.

At just one of their operations alone, NSR has achieved 42,000 additional stoped tonnes, around 8300 ounces annually, increasing revenue by $18 million.

Minnovare implemented the Production Optimiser system at one of NSR’s operations in March 2018 – running three long hole production rigs. This was followed by a second operation in August 2018, also running three long hole rigs.

The Production Optimiser technology works independently of the rig’s on-board systems to deliver greater speed, accuracy and reliability in rig setup, leading to greater drilling accuracy and optimum blasts.

NSR principal innovation and technology Jeff Brown said, “We’ve seen average drilled meters across our Kalgoorlie operations increase by up to 33 per cent.

“That’s a significant impact, which has been underpinned by this technology. The follow-on from that increase is an equally significant impact to the productivity, and ultimately, profitability of our operations. It’s a prime example of a concept that quickly adds value to the multiple areas – producing a better business outcome”.

Due to the success achieved from the Production Optimiser, NSR has entered into a collaboration agreement with Minnovare.

“This [agreement] will help fast-track a number of new product developments currently in the pipeline, that we see as having the potential to make just as big an impact on our operations,” Brown said.

“That’s exciting and promising for us as we look to develop and expand on our assets.”

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