Norman Moore’s lifetime of achievements in mining

The prestigious Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award has been presented to the former Western Australian Mines and Petroleum Minister and Gold Industry Group founding chair Norman Moore.

As someone born in the famous mining city of Kalgoorlie, Norman Moore’s pedigree in the industry should not come as a surprise.

Norman Moore has received the Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award at the 2020 Australian Mining Prospect Awards off the back of a prolific list of contributions to the industry.

The Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award is presented to a person that has committed themself to Australia’s mining industry through their business, social and community interactions across the course of their career.

Moore, who is now retired, focussed much of his professional career towards supporting the industry, whether that’s through politics or as part of industry bodies.

This includes his work as Western Australia’s Mines and Petroleum Minister and in helping to establish the Gold Industry Group.

Mining is the economic lifeblood of Australia and has seen a flurry of highly revered individuals rise to the forefront of pushing the industry forward. Moore is undoubtedly amongst that company in the Western Australian mining community.

The Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award itself provides an opportunity to commend the achievements of people within the industry, with Moore providing a textbook example of a positive contributor.

Born in Australia’s gold mining hub in 1945, Kalgoorlie, Moore’s first career venture was a teacher and then high school principal.

From there, he began his parliamentary career in 1977, spending several years of his political life as the Western Australian Minister for Mines and Petroleum, including between 1997 to 2001, and from 2008 to 2013.

Western Australia strengthened its position as one of the world’s leading mining jurisdictions during both of Moore’s stints in the role.

Its world-class gold sector continued to be internationally recognised, while the state’s iron ore industry rapidly grew into the global mining juggernaut that it has become today.

Moore also oversaw the state’s education, employment and training, sport and recreation, and tourism portfolios over the course of his political career.

After garnering an extensive amount of knowledge through his political and business ventures in Western Australia, Moore played an instrumental role in creating the Gold Industry Group, the nation’s first gold group that’s focussed on building educational and community initiatives to deliver positive change within the industry.

Norman Moore (far left) at the Women in Gold Sundowner 2017.


The Gold Industry Group is a not-for-profit industry association established in 2015. It also aims to partner and collaborate with organisations within the industry and community, as well as grow the understanding of gold’s value and relevance in day-to-day life.

Built off his passion for the mining industry, the Gold Industry Group was founded by Moore to unify Australia’s gold sector while supporting the community in the process.

Moore first served as the Gold Industry Group’s founding chair and then as a director from November 2015 to the end of 2017.

At the Gold Industry Group, Moore was an integral part of building its membership and credibility during its early years.

He has helped to raise the awareness of gold’s value to the Australian economy and community.

Off the back of Moore’s vision, the Gold Industry Group has continued to prove itself through its industry and community programs that serve Australians in the areas of education, health, employment, tourism, diversity and innovation.

Moore has also supported and mentored Rebecca Johnston to become Gold Industry Group’s executive officer.

With the recent resurgence of gold in Australia, industry bodies including the Gold Industry Group are as important as ever to steer the nation’s local gold industry forward.

Award sponsor, Liebherr-Australia, states that during a time where good, positive stories are few and far between, the Prospect Awards offer a respite and a reality check that mining is a dynamic and innovative industry that’s here to stay.

“Liebherr-Australia would like to congratulate all finalists for this year’s Prospect Awards and thank them for their contribution to the Australian mining industry,” the original equipment manufacturer states.

The Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award is widely regarded as the most prestigious of the Australian Mining Prospect Awards. It is determined through recommendations made by the judging panel.

This article will also appear in the December edition of Australian Mining.

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