Next-generation Brokk robot

Brokk has launched its SmartPower+ generation of robots, taking the versatile machine to the next level.

When Brokk released its SmartPower+ range of remotely operated robots at World of Concrete 2024 in January, the Swedish heavy machinery manufacturer unveiled a suite of advancements that deliver enhanced endurance, operating experience, and intelligence.

The Brokk demolition robot’s versatility is well known, with the machine able to solve a number of mining problems through its range of attachments. The robot can, among other applications, shotcrete, drill, cut, split, and hammer oversize rocks, proving itself as a key asset in underground mines.

The SmartPower+ generation takes these offerings to the next level, with increased endurance providing consistent power delivery over time, boosting operational uptime.

Along with being resistant to shock, temperature and vibrations, the new range of robots are also fitted with dust and water protection to an IP65 equivalent standard.

Additionally, an 87 per cent reduction in cables and connectors aims to reduce weak points and increase the life of the SmartPower+ robots.

‘’With nearly five decades of experience, Brokk understands the challenges many industry professionals face in finding skilled operators to get the job done right,’’ Brokk Group chief executive officer Martin Krupicka said.

“This is precisely why we are committed to creating solutions for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike, setting a new benchmark in the demolition landscape.’’

More precision, better response times, and ease of operation all contribute to what Brokk describes as ‘’joy of operating”. This is embodied by a new control box which, weighing in at less than three kilograms, has been ergonomically designed for comfort and easy use.

The Brokk’s SmartPower+ control box features tilted joysticks, easier-to-reach features, and faster dual charging, along with the innovative Brokk QuickSwitch and intuitive settings for an improved operating experience.

This not only makes it easier than ever to operate a Brokk robot, but also easier to find and train operators – a particularly valuable asset for the Australian mining industry.

“As someone who has operated Brokk robots for the last 13 years, the improvements to the control box again show Brokk’s core philosophy to improve the working conditions of operators in-field,” Brokk Australia sales manager Stefan Mace told Australian Mining.

With safety a key concern on mine sites, visual status updates through incremental light indicators allow the operator to focus their attention on the demolition work at hand while simultaneously monitoring the status of the machine.

Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation is enabled for future over-the-air upgrades, so the machine can continually evolve as technologies advance.

Fast and simple settings, an increase in sensors, as well as the addition of individual tool presets, all contribute towards a more user-friendly and efficient operator interface.

“We are thrilled to introduce Brokk SmartPower+ and a new generation of demolition robots that redefine the demolition landscape,” Krupicka said.

“This innovative advancement reflects Brokk’s dedication to pushing the limits and providing operators cutting-edge machines that surpass expectations.”

Mace said the intuitiveness of the SmartPower+ generation of robots will be a key asset to Australian mines.

“Being able to intuitively troubleshoot site challenges is going to be a huge benefit to our Australian mining customers due to the huge geographic footprint in this country,” he said.

“Not needing to travel to some of the Australia’s hardest-to-reach places, means less costs to mining companies and less downtime on-site.

“I am excited to see how Australian companies continue to use the Brokk demolition robot in non-production areas of their mine to improve safety and efficiency and minimise downtime.”

Brokk was already at the forefront of robotics, and with the SmartPower+ generation of demolition robots, the Swedish company has gone one better, delivering advancements tailored to the harsh and precise operating conditions of the Australian mining industry.

SmartPower+ will be available on the Brokk 70, 170, 200, 300 and 500 demolition robots in April, with other models to be upgraded later this year.

This feature appeared in the March 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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