Zero surprises with MEX maintenance software

What the Australian industrial sector really wants isn’t the latest cutting edge, space age technology or gadget that can supposedly change the face of the sector, they don’t need the latest ‘advanced’ management techniques designed to supplant the previous advanced management techniques; what they want is assurance, they want zero surprises.

Companies want to know that the strategies they devise, the scheduling, their assets, and their business, will operate to plan and to cost.

Proper asset management systems can create this environment, enabling greater visibility and control of their assets, work statuses, and the capability to carry out predictive maintenance and forward planning strategies using historical granular data gathered.

However, having to control and oversee the various systems required to gain total oversight was difficult.

A computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) is one of the major tools enabling this visibility and control, and can form the core of maintenance operations for a range of industries –from manufacturing and schools to wineries and mine sites, all in a single system.

MEX Maintenance Software provides a single solution for operators from a range of different industries to better manage their assets, and workforce.

It allows for reliable job tracking – from current job statuses through to the accessing of historical data to drill down on who carried out a job, when, and how.

MEX’s Maintenance Software also leads to a range of added benefits, such as reduced costs and more flexibility in supply chains, as it allows for more predictive operations and in turn the ability to follow this predictive capability down the line. This leads directly to cost savings on purchases as stock levels can not only be maintained, but more forward-thinking purchasing can be carried out, eliminating unscheduled downtimes which are further compounded by having to wait for critical parts.

This forward planning capability also means increased equipment uptimes, as equipment is repaired around your operational schedule, not the vagaries of the equipment.

All of this is supported by total portability and accessibility of MEX Maintenance Software through handheld devices.

To find out more on how MEX Maintenance Software can support your business and create a ‘zero surprise’ atmosphere for your business, while lifting productivity, click here to download a free whitepaper.


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