Xstrata faces court over QLD coal mine

Mining giant Xstrata will be in court today to defend the greenhouse impacts of its proposed Wandoan coal mine.

Environmentalist group, friends of the Earth lodged an objection to the mine with the Land Court because they say the carbon emissions will damage the area.

"Each year that the Wandoan mine operates it will result in more greenhouse pollution than 150 countries," spokesman John Mackenzie told the Toowoomba Chronicle.

"The impacts that this will cause on our climate and the Great Barrier Reef are unacceptable and will be around long after the mine is closed."

Xstrata is planning to extract 30 million tonnes of coal from what would be one of the world’s largest mine, producing 47 mega tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution, making up 0.15 per cent of annual global emissions.

The initial hearing will outline the scope and timing of the trial, calling on experts to provide evidence on the mine’s impacts on Queensland’s environment and the global climate.

"This project will lock Queensland into a huge expansion of the worlds dirtiest energy source for the next three decades, when the only responsible thing to do is transition to a cleaner economy," Mackenzie said.

"Approving mega coal mines which lead to massive carbon emissions will be another nail in the coffin for the Great Barrier Reef.

"Queensland will lose an economic asset which generates over $6 billion dollars annually and provides over 50,000 jobs.

"Queensland’s climate is set to worsen over coming decades.

"The CSIRO predicts more extreme floods and cyclones to batter the state, and much harsher droughts that could decimate rural industries."

Image: The Australian

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