WYPALL* X80 wipers ideal for heavy duty wiping tasks

For manufacturing and mining industries, poor performing products and unreliable dispensing can increase waste and consumption.

WYPALL* strong, reusable wipers are a better alternative to rags in your industrial facility. Compare the lifecycle of WYPALL* Wipers and rags and you’ll discover opportunities to consume less, reduce waste and cut productivity costs.

Switching from a rag to WYPALL* X80 Wipers in Jumbo Roll Format is highly cost effective. Strong and bulky wipers are ideal for tough maintenance and wiping tasks, since they absorb more than twice the amount of water as rags.

Environments that utilise heavy duty machinery often have rough surfaces filled with grease and oil that cannot be easily absorbed by rags. Rags also cannot easily conform to get into a tight space to effectively absorb the grease or oil as effectively as WYPALL* X80 wipers.

Cleaning and solvent wiping that removes manufacturing resides and pre-maintenance soiling contamination can present not only a potential hazard with highly solvent vapours, but also may produce a high risk of costly waste.

As the cost of waste disposal is based on weight or volume, whether you are disposing hazardous waste or not, using a wiping solution that has superior performance combined with a controlled dispensing solution is critical to help reduce these costs and help support the profitability of your business.

WYPALL* compact packaging also helps to reduce both waste disposal and storage costs when compared to a rag, using a 1/5th less space. WYPALL* X80 wipers effectively reduce waste by up to 70 per cent compared to rags.

WYPALL*’S X80 wipers are particularly useful in managing waste disposal in cases with contaminated metals potentially becoming ingested or transferred to hands whilst using a waste rag on the hands or face.

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* products feature smart packaging solutions that are designed to reduce the amount you dispose of. Helping you to reduce waste and improve productivity. With KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* manufacturing heritage, they understand only too well how critical it is to find ways to reduce costs and improve margins.

With this in mind, the WYPALL* X80 and dispensing system are designed to be more efficient, reduce paper waste and reduce storage space for tough maintenance and manufacturing environments.

All of this can save you time and help you reduce costs. KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* can work with you to fight waste and improve your processes and efficiency. 

Improve efficiency and reduce costs with the right WYPALL* wiper from Kimberly-Clark Professional*. Request your free WYPALL* sample here

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