WYPALL* X Wipers: Selecting the right wiper and dispensing system for your cleaning task

There’s no doubt a cleaner workplace is a safer, healthier and more productive workplace. From industrial environments and manufacturing floors to healthcare and food production, different workplaces have unique requirements from light duty, delicate or hygienic cleaning to tough maintenance tasks.

A key objective of these cleaning and wiping tasks in any work environment is to ensure product quality and machine performance without compromising productivity or efficiency while facilitating safe and healthy working conditions for the staff.

Kimberly-Clark Professional* has been partnering with businesses to create Exceptional Workplaces* where safety, health, productivity and efficiency remain the primary focus. Kimberly-Clark’s broad range of wipers covers every cleaning task in diverse work environments and includes WYPALL* X re-usable wipers that combine cleaning efficiency and super absorbency with economy and reduced wastage.

The HACCP-certified WYPALL* X wipers range includes WYPALL* X50 light duty cloth wipers, WYPALL* X60 multipurpose cloth wipers, WYPALL* X70 regular duty cloth wipers and WYPALL* X80 heavy duty cloth wipers.

However, given the different types of cleaning requirements in various workplaces, Kimberly-Clark’s Wiper Selection Guide recommends three factors to be considered when choosing the most appropriate wiper product from the WYPALL* X range: Wiper Performance, Dispensing System and Operating Efficiency.

For instance, wiper performance in any particular cleaning task will depend on characteristics such as absorbency, strength and tear resistance, solvent resistance, low lint quality, and colour options for task segregation. Selection of a suitable wiper dispensing system will hinge on the cleaning application and environment with factors such as capacity, portability, sanitary constraints and sheet size coming into play. Dynamics influencing operating efficiency may include reusability, balancing wiping performance with environmental impact, waste reduction, and hazardous substances clean-up.

WYPALL* X50 light duty cloth wipers

Made from 4-ply tissue, the scrim-reinforced re-usable wiper delivers quick absorption and excellent wet strength, ensuring it won’t fall apart when wet. It can be used wet or dry in repeated cleaning applications involving food preparation, general wiping, light spills, glass cleaning and even for thinner or solvent application. The WYPALL* X50 range includes large and small roll wipers as well as single sheet wipers and POP-UP box wipers.

Dispenser options include single sheet dispensers, roll dispensers and wall mounted dispensers.

WYPALL* X60 multipurpose cloth wipers

Recommended for delicate part cleaning and general cleaning tasks including personal wiping, the soft WYPALL* X60 is perfect for cleaning food contact surfaces, absorbing light spills, polishing glass or stainless steel, and applying lubricants and solvents. Featuring HYDROKNIT technology for superior absorbency, the wipers efficiently scrub off adhesive and remove oil or debris. WYPALL* X60 options include POP-UP box and poly bag wipers, small roll wipers and single sheet wipers.

Dispenser options include single sheet dispensers, roll dispensers, quarter fold dispensers and wall mounted dispensers.

WYPALL* X70 regular duty cloth wipers

Ideal for heavy maintenance tasks such as wiping surfaces, tools and parts, absorbing oil and grease, or cleaning metal surfaces and food contact surfaces including ovens and grills, the re-usable WYPALL* X70 wipers deliver long-lasting performance, extended use, reduced waste and improved hygiene. Tough and soft when wet or dry with high solvent resistance, the wipers are based on the patented HYDROKNIT material ensuring excellent absorption. WYPALL* X70 range includes single sheet wipers and centrefeed rolls.

Dispenser options include centrefeed dispensers and BRAG box dispensers.

WYPALL* X80 heavy duty cloth wipers

The heavy duty WYPALL* X80 cloth wipers are extra strong, super absorbent, bulky, compact and re-usable, offering a cost-effective solution for tough maintenance and wiping tasks. Ready for re-use after a simple rinse, the HYDROKNIT-based wipers find application in heavy duty machine and parts wiping, prepping surfaces using solvents, cleaning food contact areas, absorbing liquid spills, polishing glass, stainless steel and other metals, and cleaning sinks, ovens and grills. WYPALL* X80 options include perforated jumbo rolls and single sheet wipers.

Dispenser options include BRAG box dispensers and jumbo roll dispensers in mobile trolley and wall mounted models.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs with the right WYPALL* wiper from Kimberly-Clark Professional*. Request your free WYPALL* sample here.

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