Would You Trade A Dump Truck For An Air Force Jet?

People who don’t work in mining could never understand the risks and stresses that the environment brings. When you talk about the dark, cramped and humid tunnels, they never imagine temperatures as high as 40 degrees, or dust so thick you can’t make out the colour of your skin.

You are a different breed of athlete, highly skilled and trained to deal with the risks and physical stresses that each new day might bring on site. You know that hazards lurk only a few metres away, but you know that the job needs to be done, and you know why.

Working in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is very similar. In fact, many ex-military tradespeople have proven extremely valuable to Australian mines, highly regarded for their good discipline, familiarity to harsh conditions and preparedness to travel and live in isolated regions.

And now the tables have turned. The ADF want our skilled miners.

There are a number of roles available in the Defence Force for skilled workers, both male and female, ranging from Aircraft Technicians working on Air Force Jets and support equipment, carrying out repair and fault diagnosis of landing gear and fuel systems, through to Marine Technician Submariners responsible for the seagoing or on-shore operation and maintenance of various machinery and systems on board naval war ships.

Working on some of the best fighter jets in the world gives you more than just bragging rights amongst your mates. The benefits of working in the ADF include job satisfaction, competitive wages, access to sports and recreational facilities, comfortable and private living quarters, and opportunities for specialist-training courses to prepare you for higher ranks.

More valuable than anything is the world class skills and experience you will gain from a career in the ADF, that will prove invaluable to you and future employers as you progress throughout your working life.

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