World’s first Hitachi backhoes delivered to Australian coal mine

Hitachi is commissioning its first EX8000-6BH backhoe excavators at Stanwell Corporation’s Meandu coal mine.

It released the machines on the 17th of September.

Hitachi explained that while there are a number of EX8000’s operating globally, this machine is the first one with a backhoe configuration.

The mine needed 28 semi-trailers to move the excavator from Brisbane to Meandu, where three cranes, a 220 tonne, 100 tonne, and 80 tonne machine, assembled the EX8000-6BH.

Stanwell Corp’s CEO Richard Van Breda said”the new excavator is the largest in our fleet and we welcome it to the Stanwell family”.

“The excavator will support the Tarong Power Stations in becoming more competitive in the National Electricity Marketby reducing the cost of coal from Meandu Mine,” Andrew Walker, the mining operations manager at Meandu, said

“It is expected to run for approximately 5700 hours per year for the next three years, predominately removing overburden.”

HCA managing director David Harvey added that “the EX8000 was assembled in record time, and more importantly put together safely without incident by Stanwell, Downer EDI and our employees”.

Weighing more than 800 tonnes, the excavator has a 45 cubic metre bucket capacity and is able to more 75 tonnes of dirt per bucket.

The Meandu mine machine has been dubbed Atlas.

This is not the first time that Hitachi has trialled new machinery at the Meandu mine.

Earlier this year it announced the initial trials of its Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS) at the site.

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