World-beating Sumitomo Cyclo Drives

When it comes to drive technology, it’s hard to look past Sumitomo for their high-quality, hard-wearing series of Cyclo drives.

Whether you’re in the timber industry, pulp and paper, quarrying, chemical, food, material handling, steel and textile, there’s a Sumitomo drive for you.

At the core of the Sumitomo range are the world-renowned Cyclo-Drive units, available in reducer of gear motor types.

The Sumitomo Cyclo® drive is unsurpassed by any other inline drive available on the market today.

They are ideal for heavy shock load applications, with a shock load capacity of up to 500 per cent, but are equally at home on those drive applications that do not need the high torque, heavy shock load capability provided by Cyclo.

Bear in mind that with normal helical gearing you're limited to 250 per cent shock load capacity, so it is obvious where to go for higher shock load capability units.

High ratios of 6:1 thru 119:1 are available in a single stage, up to 7,569:1 in double stage and an incredible 658,503:1 in a triple stage unit. Ratios of over 1,000,000:1 can be achieved!

Because of this compact design using the Cycloidal method of speed reduction/torque multiplication allows for a very compact drive.

Other benefits of the Sumitomo Cyclo drives include low noise, high energy efficiency, low inertia, excellent heat dissipation and robust construction, all of which make the Cyclo Drive an ideal option for dynamic industrial applications.

Among the latest range the Cyclo 6000 series is the most advanced yet, improvements in materials and machine finishes has resulted in an even more efficient drive with increased torque capacity over any previous series.

The Cyclo 6000’s unique epicycloidal design has advantages that are far superior to the more common involute gearing; the stand out being that Cyclo operates in compression and not in shear, “NO GEAR SEPERATION FORCES”.

Unlike standard gear teeth which have limited contact points and has two-thirds of its reduction components in contact at all times, spreading the load when in operation, thus the 500% shock load capacity is possible.

Included in the Cyclo range is the Bevel Buddybox 4 series, a right angle spiral bevel speed reducer incorporating Cyclo® or Planetary Reducer Inputs.

The Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox 4 Series (Cyclo® BBB4) is a robust, state-of-the-art, mid-sized speed reducer and gear motor range with a unique combination of features which combine to create a highly reliable, efficient and durable gearbox.

The all-steel internal construction, Cyclo® or planetary inputs, and the optional ductile iron housing provide unmatched ruggedness in drive performance.

Priced competitively and on a par with standard geared drives, Cyclo is a great choice to considerer for your plant or machinery when next the need arises.

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