Workforce planning in mining [Podcast]


As the mining industry continues to battle the severe skills shortage, many mining companies are turning to the creation and management of effective workforce plans to ensure a healthy talent pipeline.

Julie Sloan, a leader in the field of workforce planning, spoke to Mining IQ about evidence-based workforce planning, acquiring forecasting data and linking HR planning to company objectives.

As the Director and Founder of Workforce Planning Australia, Julie Sloan has significant experience in this field. Questions Julie answered:

  • What are the cornerstones to effective and successful workforce planning for mining?
  • We’ve seen a lot of overseas talent in the mining sector in recent years. Do you have inter- or cross-cultural strategies for workforce engagement?
  • How do you acquire data to accurately forecast the need for workers?
  • How do you link HR planning with strategic workforce planning to ensure human resources are aligned with overall company objectives? Can you give us examples?
  • Are there any specific tools you use for workforce planning in mining? What have been the results?


 “This podcast is available courtesy of MiningIQ


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