Workers walk off site after not being paid

Workers have walked off the former Anglo American’s Callide coal mine after allegedly failing to be paid for work done.

The workers for contractor Civil Australia Group walked off the mine last month, claiming their pay was three weeks in arrears, adding that boss was incommunicado,according to the Gladstone Observer.

One worker claimed he was owed around $9000 in backpay, as well as six months of superannuation payments.

“The [boss] wouldn’t answer his phone, emails or texts,” former worker Selwyn Lampard told the Observer.

“Then at lunch on Monday (March 21) we got a call from where we were staying, telling us we had to pack up our stuff and leave because our bill wasn’t settled.

“That’s when we decided to stop working.”

The general manager of Civil Works reportedly refused to comment, with their lawyers stating they could not speak due to privacy laws.

The Australian Workers Union said Anglo American should pay the workers, and fix the ongoing issue with its contractor Civil Australia Group.

Anglo American sold the Callide coal mine to Batchfire Resources in late January, and announced its sale of the Foxleigh coal mine today.

No valuation was given for the Callide sale, with Anglo American stating that “the transaction will be effected via a sale of shares in the subsidiary companies holding Anglo American’s interest in Callide”.

Callide consists of an open cut thermal mine and associated processing infrastructure.

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