Workers injured at Clermont

The Clermont site

Two workers have suffered hand injures at Glencore’s Clermont coal mine.

On Friday a 32 year old worker’s hand was crushed by a hydraulic ladder, while another worker fell from a minesite vehicle and their broke their wrist, according to the Daily Mercury.

A Glencore spokesperson confirmed the incidents.

“An employee was injured in the workshop [at the Clermont coal mine] on Friday afternoon,” he told Australian Mining.

“They suffered a hand injury, breaking the bone in their hand running into the index finger.

“They underwent surgery at the local Clermont hospital, however there were not the X-ray facilities available at the base hospital,” he said.

“They were transferred to Mackay as the facilities were available there; luckily a helicopter was at Clermont and headed to Mackay, so they were airlifted – rather than having to drive – as it was more expedient.”

It is also understood a worker fell off a grader at the site last month, breaking their wrist.

“Both incidents are under investigation,” the spokesperson said.

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