Woodside reveals it sacked seven people for fraud

A new report out by Woodside Petroleum reveals the company sacked seven workers for fraud-related activities in 2014.

The company’s 2014 Sustainable Development Report provides a summary of the company’s sustainability approach, actions and performance for the 12 months ended 31 December 2014.

In it, the company says there were 71 reports of improper behaviour or breaches of its code investigated in 2014.

Of these matters, 43 were substantiated, 21 unsubstantiated and seven matters remain under or pending investigation.

Of the substantiated matters, eight resulted in contract termination, 29 in a written warning and reduced performance rating, two in written warnings and four in verbal warnings.

Seven terminations were fraud related, and 36 matters involved harassment or other inappropriate behaviour.

In an effort to promote greater diversity, Woodside said it has been working to attract and retain more women at the company, but failed to meet its target of 30 per cent.

The overall percentage of women employed at Woodside increased to 27.5 per cent, falling just short.

Women in last year's 103-strong graduate intake made up 43 per cent of the total, also short of the company’s target to achieve gender balance.

However its target of increasing the representation of women in middle and senior management roles to 13 per cent almost hit the mark, coming in at 12.4 per cent.

Indigenous people represent 2.6 per cent of Woodside’s Australian workforce, and the company said it is working on increasing this to 3.3 per cent to reflect the demographics of the Western Australian population.

In safety, Woodside achieved a 23 per cent improvement on the 2013 total recordable injury rate target of 3.9.

It is aiming for a TRIR of 3 in order to reach global top-quartile health and safety performance by 2017.

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