Women should try mining jobs: QRC

The Queensland Resources Council says more women should learn a trade and start working in the mining industry.

ABC News reports the QRC said changing work conditions were critical to encouraging more women into the sector.

The QRC said women were already starting to fill more jobs in the industry, and higher participation would benefit men in the sector by making it easier for families to move.

"We're starting to see a shift in women coming into these non-traditional roles," it told ABC News.

"If a woman is looking at applying for a job, we're also offering a position for their partner so that the family can shift."

Increasing the amount of female workers has long been identified by businesses and the Government as an important strategy in tackling the skills shortage.

Australian Mining recently ran a feature story exploring the role of women in the resource industry, detailing the life and work of 19 year-old underground offsider Ashlee Thompson.

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