Women in Energy & Resources Leadership Summit comes to Brisbane for 10th year

The industry is experiencing an encouraging shift in the attitudes towards gender parity across the global energy and resources sector.

Sure, given the statistics, progress appears slow — women only account for 22 per cent of the global industry workforce and just a staggering one per cent of chief executive officer positions.

This problem stems from a lack of women in specialised technical roles that often lead to career advancement.

These statistics are nothing new, and the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles is widespread across the globe. So what’s changed?

According to The Australian Women in Resources Alliance’s (AWRA) ‘Gender Diversity in the Australian Resources and Energy Industry: Leading, Lagging or Losing Out?’ report, organisations have moved beyond asking ‘why’ and exploring ‘how.’

It’s now understood that it’s everyone’s responsibility to make gender diversity a reality. Organisations are providing more support and facilitating more opportunities for women. Executives and senior leaders are actively working toward creating an inclusive team culture, while employees are learning to leverage their unique strengths and embrace the characteristics of a modern, evolving workforce.

While gender diversity is no longer uncharted territory, it’s now considered imperative to unlocking innovation and remaining competitively viable.

On a large scale, one of the biggest benefits of gender parity would be a boost to the economy, with research suggesting an 11 per cent rise in national GDP. On a smaller scale, companies will unearth tangible benefits through a diverse workforce, such as increased efficiency, productivity, innovation, and employee engagement.

Yet even these benefits don’t clear the way forward, as solving the “How?” remains difficult without a prefaced “Where do we start?”

Luckily, organisations like Liquid Learning have been helping accelerate progression for organisations, executives and employees for over 15 years. Its Women in Energy & Resources Leadership Summit is coming back for its milestone 10th event — helping women in these male-dominant industries ignite their potential and become a driving force for positive, organisation-wide change.

This year’s summit echoes the changing sentiment across the globe, with a focus on the opportunities available — rather than the challenges to overcome.

It’s designed for women and male champions of change to share knowledge and gain critical skills for career progression, by providing practical strategies and real-world case studies to illuminate and inspire the way forward.

Women will also have the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and established leaders, opening the door to support networks and mentorship.

But it’s not just about benefits on the individual level — the summit is also an investment in company culture, and provides attendees with the chance to bring back a wealth of knowledge to enrich the capabilities of their colleagues. On an organisation level, participation demonstrates a shift beyond merely asking how and, instead, showing the world how it’s done.

The summit features leaders from Pacific Hydro, Rio Tinto, Oil Search, Queensland Urban Utilities, Queensland Government, BHP, Caltex Australia, and more.

The 10th Women in Energy & Resources Leadership Summit will take place in Brisbane from August 20-23. Australian Mining readers are eligible for 10 per cent off standard rate ticket prices (use booking code AA1). To redeem the discount and register, click here.

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