Wipro wins outsourcing contract

Wipro has won a contract to provide total outsourcing solutions to ATCO in Canada and Australia.
Wipro’s strategic alliance with the Alberta-based ATCO, one of Canada's premier corporations is expected to earn Wipro revenues of more than $117 million annually for the next ten years.
Under the agreement, Wipro will provide a complete suite of IT services to ATCO.
According to Brian Bale, Senior Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, ATCO, the alliance will ensure ATCO can focus on growing their core businesses of structures and logistics, utilities, and energy with the Wipro partnership providing strategic, innovative IT solutions required to support their global operations.
Anand Padmanabhan, Chief Executive – Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities, Wipro commented that they will focus on enabling ATCO to enhance their competitiveness through the deployment of strategic solutions and efficient delivery of IT services. He is confident Wipro’s domain expertise combined with the enhanced talent pool will help them support ATCO’s growth.
Wipro’s IT services delivery model will be further strengthened in North America and Australia through the acquisition of ATCO I-Tek, a subsidiary of ATCO with a presence in both these geographies. Now a part of Wipro, ATCO I-Tek has been providing IT services to ATCO for the past 15 years.

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