WIA helps Maverick Welding stay productive and consistent

Boilermaking is a tough job. Here in Australia it can be anywhere up to 50 degrees in the shade, but we still put on a leather jacket and gloves, heat a piece of steel to 200 degrees and start welding.

Working in adverse conditions means you need to know your power and air source are going to be 100 per cent reliable, and suited to rugged conditions: your welding machine needs to be the best quality possible so you can get the job done right the first time, with no need for rework.

Maverick Welding is a Nebo-based contractor to mining companies out in the heartland of Queensland’s coalfields, the Bowen Basin, and managing director Mule knows all too well that in contracting, time is money, and there’s no time to be struggling with equipment that can’t stand up to the challenge under pressure.

The boilermakers at Maverick run Miller welding equipment in full confidence it can stand up to the conditions, thanks to thorough in-house testing by the manufacturer before it goes into the field.

“We’re always on tight schedules: People want stuff done yesterday, and we try to make it happen yesterday,” Mule says.

Maverick Welding runs 28 Miller Big Blue Air-Pak machines for boilermaking, as well as work in the field on diggers, trucks, track repairs, and anything else the coal miners can throw at them.

In the workshop Maverick runs the XMT 350 and XMT 450 machines with autoline system. Given the poor voltage supply in Nebo, the reliability of Miller welding machines helps to ensure that machine voltage output does not fluctuate, and welders can perform their job with consistency and reliability.

“The Air Paks are really good machines for our guys. It’s one less thing to check each morning because they don’t run water,” Mule says.

The Deutz air-cooled engines are very reliable and robust, and the fuel savings are up to 30 per cent thanks to the ability weld with the air compressor isolated.

Remote voltage control means boilermakers can weld in hard to reach places, like tipper trays, without having to get up and down to the machine, or have a spotter adjust voltage, saving in time and man hours.

With Miller products supplied and serviced by WIA locally, staff at Maverick appreciate the hassle-free relationship they have with sales and service team at WIA.

To hear more from Mule about WIA and Miller welding products, and other customers from around Australia, check out the great video series Welders of Oz at http://www.welding.com.au/weldersofoz/view/welders-of-oz-maverick-welding

[Although an older product is mentioned in the video, a new and improved model, the Big Blue 800XC Duo Air Pak, is available from WIA… http://www.welding.com.au/equipment/view/big-blue-800x-duo-air-pak]

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