Why Large-Scale Project Collaboration Software is a Must

The successful execution of major construction, engineering and infrastructure projects within Australia’s mining and manufacturing industries depends on complex networks of a large number of participants.

Project completion requires not only the physical skills of engineers, consultants, project managers, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, essential information must be shared in a way that ensures everyone involved is on the same page, at all times.

Projects like this involve huge amounts of data, including constantly-changing drawings, revised and updated schedules and due dates, and countless bits and pieces of communication including emails and contracts.

If critical information and data is accessed by the wrong party at the wrong time, the results can be potentially debilitating. For example, a project that runs late can end up costing management huge amounts of cash in the form of mistakes, bottlenecks, and unplanned downtime.

On the flip side, accurately dispensing and receiving the right information in a timely manner can lay the foundation for an expertly-executed project that is completed on time and within budget.

If stakeholders can collaborate with each other every step of the way from pre-construction, to building, right through to continued operation and even future maintenance, the risk of mistakes is greatly reduced.

Therefore, linking all stakeholders together using software designed specifically for project collaboration that allows everyone to easily share, access, update and manage large quantities of information and data required for project completion, is priceless.

Make project collaboration software work for you

Project collaboration software solutions on the market today facilitate collaboration throughout every stage of the project lifecycle, making project management for mining and manufacturing schemes easier and more efficient.  

Viewpoint For Project Collaboration is a specially formulated software package designed to meet the

unique needs of customers performing large-scale projects in the manufacturing, mining, building,

infrastructure and energy industries.

Whether it is submittals, schedules, site photos, health and safety requirements or meeting minutes, it’s easy to store, distribute, review, revise and track documents using Viewpoint For Project Collaboration software. 

To find out more about project collaboration software and how Viewpoint For Project Collaboration can work for your project, download this whitepaper.

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