Why is Metal Free Anti-seize Important to You and Your Equipment?

Most maintenance staff in industries could describe the benefits of good quality anti-seize lubrication such as protection of metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling, and seizing. However, what might be less well-understood is that not all anti-seize products are as beneficial as each other for the machinery they are used on, for the workers applying them, or for the environment. The choice of lubricant can have a great impact on any operation, especially over time and with possible changes to government regulations.

Heavy Metal Pollution

Common ingredients in many of the anti-seize lubricants used widely in industry are copper, nickel, aluminium and zinc, as well as other heavy metals. The governments of Australia and New Zealand are increasingly requiring industries to act sustainably.

The use of anti-seize products containing harmful substances can subvert a company’s own anti-pollution initiatives, as well as potentially causing harm to workers, the public and the environment.

Impurities and Corrosion

The choice to use anti-seize products containing nickel and copper can be a counter-productive one as it could cause corrosion when used on stainless steel, brass and bronze items, such as pipes. When the parts must be replaced, it can cause unscheduled shutdowns and decrease Mean Time Between Failures.

Many workers incorrectly believe that the same metal-based anti-seize they are familiar with can be used in every circumstance. Maintenance staff are not always properly trained to understand which anti-seize is appropriate for particular applications, nor why the right choice is important.

Switch To Metal Free Anti-Seize

These problems, including the need to comply with changing legislation, can be avoided by simply switching to the use of a metal free anti-seize lubricant product.

LOCTITE Heavy Duty Metal Free Anti-Seize reduces wear and tear on machinery by using graphite which acts more effectively to evenly lubricate than metal-based products, thus lowering maintenance costs.

LOCTITE Heavy Duty Metal Free Anti-Seize is widely used in mining, quarrying, and manufacturing plants, particularly in oil and gas where copper-based anti-seize use is prohibited. It has a reputation for quality and affordability and is available in both liquid and stick forms. Risks are reduced for workers, who are consequently not exposed to heavy metals, and nor is the environment exposed to heavy metal pollution.

The product functions on all metals including galvanized iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and soft metals between -29 °C and +1315°C. It has been formulated to resist higher temperatures than most other anti-seize products on the market.

When considering the need to comply with environmental sustainability policies, worker safety, machine longevity and ease of operation, as well as over-all effectiveness in every application, LOCTITE’s Heavy Duty Metal Free Anti-Seize is the choice that fulfils all requirements to keep jobs running smoothly.

For more information on LOCTITE Heavy Duty Metal Free Anti-Seize, download the full whitepaper or contact Henkel Australia on 1300 885 556.

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