Why a rapid response turnkey solution is essential for temporary power

Increased urbanisation and development are driving a continued dependence on our resources.

Energy usage is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades, placing an increased emphasis on reliability, security, costs and the environmental impact.

In 2017, Australia’s energy consumption rose by 1.1 per cent to reach 6146 petajoules compared with 0.8 per cent annual average growth over the past decade.

The biggest user is our industry, with mining energy use increasing by 12 per cent [1] as the demand for commodities grows.

We all know that reliable and efficient power is crucial, but things can go wrong. Just ask Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA), which recently supported a mining customer dealing with the explosion of one of its main transformers due to a mechanical tap changer fault.

This put a large amount of pressure on the back-up generator that also suffered slight damage due to its proximity to the explosion.

An idle transformer in an unused switchyard on the mining lease was identified as a solution to reduce the pressure and high risk of failure on the back-up transformer – and a rapid response full rental turnkey temporary power solution was needed.

From electrical engineering and technicians to logistics and operations, EPSA ensured the customer remained fully operational with the supply of 16 Cat 1500 kilovolt-ampere generators (415 kilovolts to 11 kilovolts) for a period of 90 days while the replacement transformer was ordered.

Planning for power is critical, so it’s vital to consider the rental power necessary to carry a facility successfully through a scheduled or emergency shutdown ahead of time.

Determine the facility’s electrical load, know where to rent generator sets and related equipment, and think about the essentials, i.e. delivery of generator sets, location, accessory requirements and connection (cables, transformers, etc), fuel location and capacity – and of course the right people and experience.

Success in the mining industry takes more than the best equipment. EPSA’s ability to rapidly respond with deployment of the right solution to a challenge of this calibre is due to an unrivalled combination of people, service and a power system that won’t leave a company stranded.

EPSA’s Cat Rental Power team also supports the mining industry with customised solutions for planned maintenance, shutdowns and seasonal demand peaks or weather-related challenges including the supply of temperature control HVAC equipment and air compressors.

[1] Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian Energy Update 2018, August 2018, Canberra, accessed August 12 2019.

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