Wholesale Energy Purchasing Delivers BIG SAVINGS to Industries

Electricity is one of the major costs for businesses – a cost commonly perceived as a permanent burden on the bottom line. Short of reducing production, most CFOs assume there is little they can do to reduce energy spend.

But thanks to PG Energy – Australia’s only wholesale energy market facilitator – large businesses across the country are saving as much as 30% on energy costs.

According to CEO, David Evans, PG Energy has devised a unique model that allows large organisations to purchase energy direct from the wholesale market, bypassing their retailers altogether.

Traditionally, large organisations purchase electricity from energy retailers via fixed rate contracts. But because these retailers purchase electricity at variable rates, their customers are often financially disadvantaged, particularly when wholesale prices are low,’ Mr Evans said.

With the ever increasing rise in costly fixed rate agreements, many large businesses are now choosing to purchase energy direct from the wholesale market. And PG Energy is the company that’s making this possible – with its end-to-end solution that includes automated, remotely-controlled load management and notification systems.

Our sophisticated technology and communication systems are providing real returns for our clients. Put simply, we’re able to keeps sites informed of market price events which allows them to shed and increase their loads at the right times,’ explained Mr Evans.

To learn more about how PG Energy can help your business save, visit pgenergy.com.au/save to download your free guide – How to Save With Wholesale Energy Purchasing.

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