Whitehaven halts ‘dangerous’ coal trucking

Whitehaven Coal has halted trucking coal from its operations after deeming the operation too dangerous.

The miner was forced to haul the coal in trucks after a fully laden coal train jumped the tracks outside of Boggabri last month, damaging the bridge and rail line.

It gained approval earlier this month to haul coal from its underground Narrabri mine to its Gunnedah CHPP via truck as does not have enough storage space to keep extra coal on site at Narrabri.

As part of its approval it provided a traffic assessment and a road noise impact assessment, with the scope of its application based on the amount that can be handled at the CHPP.

The miner explained that it had to transport coal from the site as capacity would be reach during the month, and operations at the mine would need to cease until haulage could restart.

"Numerous other measures are being taken to avoid any shut down of production; however these measures can only assist to a certain extent," Whitehaven managing director Tony Haggarty said.

However just two days into the trucking trial the miner has halted the operation, according to ABC Rural.

Haggarty  stated that "the risks associated with the extra traffic and interaction with other heavy vehicles are unacceptable at this stage.

"Our trucks will not be returning to the roads until, or unless, we are comfortable that any risks associated can be managed."

The miner has not outlined what other options it will take other than a shut down if it reaches capacity.

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