Whitehaven Coal say Maules Creek protests not disrupting mine construction

Whitehaven Coal say there has been no disruption to planned work at the Maules Creek mine site today despite protesters claiming entrances to the site have been blocked.

According to activists eleven machines have been immobilised with a pole structure that has a person attached at its peak.

They also say entrances to the mine site have been blocked.

However Whitehaven Coal denies work has stopped, telling Australian Mining there has been “no disruption to planned works at site”.

But with protests at the site heading into a third week, there is no sign activists are willing to walk away.

Having lost a court case which would have prevented the $767 million project from going ahead, environmentalists say they will not back down.

More than 14 people have been arrested since construction at the site commenced on January 13.

Activists say the mine was approved based on false and misleading information, with Environment Minister Greg Hunt refusing to release an independent review of Whitehaven’s biodiversity offset plan.

The group is calling on Hunt to revoke approval of the mine.

“This coal mine should never have been approved. The company provided false information about its biodiversity offsets in order to secure Federal environmental approval,” Leard Forest Alliance spokesperson Emma Giles said today.

Whitehaven have previously called protests “a nuisance” and vowed to go ahead with the development of the project.

“Protestors should respect the fact that this is an approved project that has passed the highest contemporary environmental approvals standards,” a spokesman told Australian Mining.

“They should also honour previous commitments under the Brigalow and Nandewar Community Conservation Act which created about 350,000 hectares of new conservation reserves for the region but specifically zoned the Leard State Forest for Forestry and Mining, the lowest of all zonings.”





























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