WesTrac to release new Cat excavator range

Caterpillar dealer WesTrac will launch the Cat 320 GC, 320 and 323 hydraulic excavators at events in Perth and Sydney in May and June.

The machines are the first members of Caterpillar’s ‘Next Generation of Excavators’ to be rolled out in Australia and boast a range of innovative technologies.

According to a statement from WesTrac, Caterpillar is updating its entire range of small, medium and large hydraulic excavators, with new models being released in staggered launches over the next two years.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that these are the most advanced excavators to ever be sold on the Australian market and each represents a major upgrade over its Cat predecessor,” WesTrac WA chief executive officer Jarvas Croome said.

“We believe that they will completely transform the market,” WesTrac NSW/ACT chief executive Greg Graham added.

“Collectively, the range promises up to a 45 per cent increase in operator efficiency, up to a 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and up to 15 per cent reduction in maintenance costs. There are also significant gains in terms of user comfort.”

The Cat 320 GC, 320 and 323 each come standard with a rear camera and Cat Connect software and services.

The Cat 320 and 323, weighing 22.7 and 25.5t respectively, are both equipped with features to improve grading efficiency by 45 per cent over traditional operations.

The statement said the Cat Grade with 2D makes it far easier for users to achieve the desired grade by providing information about the depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade. The system’s E-fence feature is also designed to enable the machine to work safely under structures or near traffic by preventing any part of the excavator from moving outside operator-defined set points.

The standard 2D system can be upgraded to Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D.

A feature such as the Grade Assist automates boom, stick and bucket movements, so operators stay on grade with single-lever digging.

The statement said the Cat Payload on-board weighing delivers precise load targets and increased loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing and real-time payload estimates without swinging to prevent truck over/under-loading.

The machines also feature Cat LINK hardware and software, which connect jobsites to the office and provide customers with machine-critical operating information.

According to the statement, the 320 GC, meanwhile, provides an alternative for sites that don’t require a full suite of digital features, but still want the economy, efficiency and build-quality advantages of the range.

The 320 GC, at 21.9t, is designed for low-to-medium-duty applications, and boasts the same high-quality chassis and cab as the 320 and 323.

“Caterpillar’s efficient ‘Next Generation’ machines consume 20 to 25 per cent less fuel than the previous, corresponding models,” Croome said. “Thanks to extended and more synchronised maintenance intervals, maintenance costs are reduced by up to 15 per cent over the previous series.”

The new excavators will be launched at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney on May 25 and at WesTrac’s South Guildford Dig Pit in Perth on June 8.

The excavators will also be showcased in a series of regional roadshow events in 10 different locations across both WA and NSW.

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