Welders of Oz prefer Miller machines

If you’re contracting to out to mining companies, you know there’s big money at stake, and there’s no room for downtime. Your welding equipment needs to stand up to some serious punishment, so it’s important that your suppliers are totally reliable and stock quality equipment.

The welders at Alfabs Group are leaders in the heavy fabrication and underground materials handling support sector for the Australian coal industry, and have worked hard to build that name for 50 years.

Five years ago Alfabs started to replace their older welding equipment with new Miller equipment, supplied by WIA, and well received by the 120 workshop staff in NSW and QLD.

Hunter Valley workshop manager Dale Ramidge said that four years on after the changeover to Miller machines, he still couldn’t fault them.

“We switched over from other brands, and Miller seems to be in front of them,” Dale says.

“They’re a tough, reliable machine, and we never have any breakdowns with them.

“The 12VS X-Treme Suitcase takes all the knocks of the workshops: We know what blokes are like, they don’t look after the gear, they like to use it and they use it hard, and Millers have come out on top.”

With features such as the soft start and remote control, Alfab Group’s welders don’t have to move back and forth between their job and the welding machine to adjust the voltage, which saves on a waste of time and increases the productivity of individual workers.

Some welding jobs require three or four settings, so the remote system saves time and fatigue for workers who might have to get in and out of a difficult spot to keep changing the settings.

On top of that, welders can use the remote to fine tune their voltage settings while they weld without breaking contact, which is an invaluable feature for running the best quality bead possible.

Miller machines are well loved by the welders who use them, especially so because there is less weld spatter than other machines would produce, meaning less time with the grinder when cleaning up the welds.

These features make the Miller 12VS X-Treme Suitcase an excellent purchase for companies that want to save on time and labour, and eliminate the day to day profit waste that goes on when workers have to deal with unreliable equipment.

To hear more about Miller welding products, WIA and the companies around Australia who trust them to supply top quality products, check out the great video series Welders of Oz at www.welding.com.au/weldersofoz

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