Weir Minerals backs industry partnerships as key to process optimisation

Weir Minerals has emphasised that suppliers need to maintain close ties with mining companies in order to effectively optimise processes.

This includes the implementation of service solutions that ensure the availability of engineering teams throughout the entire procurement process, from installation and commissioning through to onsite maintenance.

Weir’s examples of this approach include work at the Yara Siilinjärvi mine in Finland, where the company managed to increase the facility’s tailings storage without increasing footprint.

In South Africa, Weir helped CNC Crushers optimise its hydrocyclone by implementing a revised process using Warman pumps, a Cavex hydrocyclone and Trio TC cone crushers that led to a 2007 per cent decrease in pump maintenance and 45 per cent increase in plant throughput.

“Partnering with Weir Minerals increased my production output significantly and my uptime increased overnight — I should have done it long ago,” CNC owner Carl Crous said.

Weir Minerals vice president, global engineering and technology, John McNulty said such levels of collaboration were the only way to effectively optimise a mine’s process. Weir Minerals calls this approach ‘integrated solutions’.

“We are not driven by what other suppliers are doing. We are customer-centric,” said McNulty. “It’s all about our customers, their businesses and our ongoing shared successes. We are doing this to be the partner of choice now and well into the future.”

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