Water trucks on the move

Carrying on from the CITIC Pacific Mining load and haul fleet contact signed in late 2007, Terex Mining Australia have just delivered its first of four Terex Unit Rig MT3300AC water trucks and are in the process of completing the first of two Terex Unit Rig MT3300AC Service Trucks.

The first service vehicles in the world to be designed and manufactured using a Terex Unit Rig MT3300AC haul truck are being being commissioned in north-western Australia.

CITIC Pacific Mining also commissioned Terex Mining Australia to supply four Terex Unit Rig MT3300AC water trucks and two Terex Unit Rig MT3300AC service trucks.

Water truck

The Terex Unit Rig MT3300AC is fitted with a 120,000 litre water tank module designed and manufactured by Austin Engineering Ltd.

The tank module is equipped with three electric over hydraulic controlled spray heads and one rear mounted remote water cannon. The spray heads are controlled from a cabin mounted consol panel with a joystick control for the water cannon. The spray heads have a pulse spray system fitted which allows for the on/off intervals to be set to the desired spray sequences.

There is also a dribble bar mounted below the main spray bar with a gravity feed from the tank.

A manually operated 19mm hose reel is mounted on the rear of the tank with access from ground level.

In case of a fire emergency a BIC coupling is fitted to the main spray header pipe via a drop down-pipe assembly, making it easily accessible from ground level.

There are two cameras mounted at the top of the tank, one for rear view of the spray heads and the other mounted to the water cannon providing a view of exactly where the cannon is aimed.

These cameras are connected to an LCD screen mounted in the cab.

All other safety features such as full height handrails, flashing beacons, hydraulic hoisting tank access ladder and safety signage have been included as standard features.

Service module

The Terex Unit Rig MT3300AC is fitted with a 90,000 litre service module designed and manufactured and Austin Engineering Ltd. The main tank module is divided internally with 10 separate compartments. The largest of the compartments is a 45,000 litre diesel tank with a variety of lubricants and waste oil making up the balance.

The rear roof area of the tank module accommodates two large potable water tanks, two removable grease pods and the main compressor unit. This area is easily accessible via the hydraulically actuated access stairway from the front deck of the truck. The walkways and access areas have grated floors and full height hands for safety.

A large cabinet is mounted at the rear of the tank module housing all hose reels and controls. The hose reels are all spring rewind hose reels with the exception of the large 2” diesel reel which is an air rewind. All of the lubricants are extracted by air driven pumps and the diesel is delivered via a dual flow hydraulic driven pump.

All tank compartments are fitted with desiccant breathers and filters are fitted at each of the delivery hose reels. Each of the lubricants and diesel reels are fitted with manual flow meters for recorded usage. The main rear cabinet has electric actuated roller doors with internal lighting. The tank has sufficient work lights mounted around the roof perimeter for night work.

Similar to the water tank, all standard safety features have been fitted, such as flashing beacons, hand railing, safety signage fire extinguishers, guarding for rotating parts and emergency stop buttons.

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